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Whenever you call around to different shops or ever the dealer asking for a price on a transmission, you're unknowingly falling into the trap of assuming the worst. You've condemned you're transmission to major repair even though it could be minor. Remember we mentioned transmissions are completely computer controlled and of all the vehicles we check out only about 40% actually need a full rebuild.

A sad truth is most states do not have a 'legal' definition of the words Rebuilt, Reman or Overhaul any shop can do anything to a transmission and call it what they like. As members of ATRA we hold ourselves to their standard of definitions. Again we are not trying to hide anything from you or pull anything over on you.   

Call us today, ask for a diagnostic appointment. You are more than welcome to just stop by, however having an appointment ensures that one of skilled technicians will be able to check out your vehicle in a timely fashion. Plan on leaving your vehicle with us 2-4 hours to allow us time for a thorough diagnostic.

Our comprehensive diagnostics run $79 and will be completely waived if we do any repair work to your vehicle. The reason for this first step is to properly determine what the problem is, whether it is indeed inside the transmission or not. From there we will be able to direct in the direction that will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

If it is a transmission fix, we will give you our recommendations and get your authorization before we start any repairs.

Again many vehicles just need a transmission fluid and filter change or maybe have a small leak and is acting up due to low fluid. You can shop around for a transmission or go to a shop that will fix only whats wrong. 


The  #1 question we get asked by our customers, but its really the last question you should be asking. Would you believe that 60% of the vehicles that come into our shop get fixed for under $500 without the transmission even getting removed from the vehicle! 

Now a days, Transmission's are computerized, so electrical issues like bad solenoids, sensors, switches, electrical connection and/or wiring, and yes even a battery or alternator issue can cause a transmission to malfunction. Low fluid level or a restricted transmission filter will cause a transmission pump to starve for fluid and run low oil pressure in the transmission. Low pressure will cause the transmission to slip.

All of these issues, and many more, we run into daily and make up majority of the work we do. However, when you assume that you're transmission is bad and call around to find the best price you are going to get a rebuilt transmission whether you need one or not because that's what you asked for, right? 



Your best bet is to go to an ATRA {Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association} shop, like us and ask for a Transmission diagnostic, not ask for a price. The odds are in your favor that we can fix your transmission with some sort of minor repair.  

Asking 'How much?" is a perfectly understandable question. Its the most concerning and you probably don't know what else to ask, right? We try to be as transparent with our process as possible, we're not trying to play any games. Hopefully we can make you more comfortable and feel at ease by explaining a bit of our process.

We charge labor plus parts, and we give you a written estimate before we start any repairs. Telephone price quotes are never accurate and that's part of the reason we don't give quotes over the phone. We can't price something we can't see.